Splendor "Carnival (Blond Boche's Chorus Edit)"(2018.05.04)(2:59)
Badwater Bridge "Let Me Love You (Blond Boche's Dirty Edit)"(2018.04.26)(4:23)
Personal Touch "It Ain't No Big Thing (Blond Boche's Dirty Edit)"(2018.04.13)(3:46)
Firebolts "Everybody Party (Get Down) (Blond Boche's Chorus Edit)"(2018.03.27)(3:54)
Fire Fox "Fire (Blond Boche's Chorus Edit)"(2018.03.23)(4:01)
The Gospel Experience Choir "Come To Praise His Name (Blond Boche's Dirty Edit)"(2018.03.23)(2:06)
Arts And Craft "I've Been Searching (Blond Boche's Dirty Edit)"(2018.01.11)(3:57)
Flora Purim "Open Your Eyes You Can Fly (Blond Boche's Chorus Edit)"(2018.01.09)(2:49)
Venus Dodson "He Said, She Said (Blond Boche's 7'' Edit)"(2017.12.16)(4:51)
Sly Paul "Crazy (Blond Boche's Rework Edit)"(2017.12.12)(5:39)
Michael Watford "Mighty Love (The G Man Mix Reworked By Blond Boche)"(2017.10.24)(5:27)
Pleasure "Thoughts Of Old Flames (Blond Boche's Another End Edit)"(2017.09.29)(4:11)
Dexter Wansel "Dance With Me Tonight (Blond Boche's Dirty Edit)"(2017.08.04)(3:57)
Universe City "Can You Get Down (Blond Boche's Another End Edit)"(2017.06.28)(4:28)
Fruit "Lost The Love (Blond Boche's Dirty Edit)"(2017.06.08)(3:05)
Loveship "Love So New (Blond Boche's 7'' Edit)"(2017.04.19)(4:14)
The Trammps "Love Insurance Policy (Blond Boche's Shorter Edit)"(2017.03.27)(5:08)
Street Corner Symphony "We Got A Good Thing Going (Blond Boche's Shorter Edit)"(2017.03.27)(3:14)
Michael Wycoff "Come To My World (Blond Boche's 7'' Edit)"(2017.03.10)(4:48)
Chapter 8 "Come And Boogie (Blond Boche's Dirty Edit)"(2017.03.03)(4:56)
The Innersection "Let Me Love Yuh (Blond Boche's Dirty Edit)"(2017.01.20)(4:20)
Salt Of The Earth "As You Go (Blond Boche's Interlude Edit)"(2016.11.28)(1:23)
Mass Production "With Pleasure (Blond Boche's Dirty Edit)"(2016.10.21)(4:36)
Lou Rawls "You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine (Blond Boche's Dirty Edit)"(2016.10.13)(4:39)
John Davis And The Monster Orchestra "Bourgie Bourgie (Louie Vega Mix) (Blond Boche's Rework)"(2016.10.06)(6:47)
Aquarian Dream "Gettum Up And Dance (Blond Boche's Dirty Edit)"(2016.09.25)(5:49)
Today, Tomorrow, Forever "Take Me Higher (Blond Boche's Dirty Edit)"(2016.05.04)(6:15)
Atlantis "Keep On Movin' And Groovin' (Blond Boche's Shorter Nastre Edit)"(2016.03.18)(6:37)
Average White Band "Shine (Blond Boche's Dirty Edit)"(2016.02.21)(5:28)
Revelation "Shout For Joy (Blond Boche's Celebrate Extended Edit)"(2015.12.09)(6:08)
The O'Jays "Take Me To The Stars (Blond Boche's Extended Edit)"(2015.12.03)(4:22)
Gemini "(You've Got) Something Special (Blond Boche's Dirty Edit)"(2015.11.04)(5:17)
Crown Heights Affair "Dreaming A Dream (Blond Boche's Extended Edit)"(2015.10.01)(6:05)
Dexter Wansel "Let Me Rock You (Blond Boche's Dirty Edit)"(2015.08.13)(5:20)
Twilight "Play My Game (Blond Boche's Extended Edit)"(2015.07.06)(5:39)
Idris Muhammad "One With A Star (Blond Boche's Dirty Edit)"(2015.07.06)(6:26)
Blond Boche, Joseph Junior, Skymark "Attack (Blond Boche's Original Edit)"(2010.06.16)(7:00)
Blond Boche "Deckchair (Blond Boche's Original Edit)"(2010.06.16)(6:43)
Blond Boche "Rhapsody (Blond Boche's Original Edit)"(2010.06.16)(6:58)
Blond Boche "Deep Around (Blond Boche's Original Edit)"(2010.06.16)(7:00)
Blond Boche, Miss Shiny "Headwind (Blond Boche's Original Edit)"(2010.06.16)(7:45)
MAQMan "Snowing Like Crazy (MAQMan Original Mix)"(2010.06.16)(4:52)
Skymark, Blackspade "Space And Time"(2010.01.01)(4:20)
B.J.O.C. "Madness (Album Version)"(2007.04.27)(5:42)
B.J.O.C. "Tirips (Album Version)"(2007.04.27)(7:21)
B.J.O.C. "Melodicazzo (Album Version)"(2007.04.27)(3:45)