Insane Drumsounds

  • Insane Drumsounds is a drum'n'bass concept created by the djs of the B.J.O.C. in order to make parties by spinning drum'n'bass records mixed with instruments like the didjeridoo, trump or songs (MC).

  • Artist: Blond Boche, Ouch!, Kama, Vibes Provider, Coleville

Mix and productions

Blond Boche "Hardstep Vibe (Volume 3)"(2009.05.07)(71:37)
Blond Boche (Mix and Didjeridoo), Ouch! "Insane Drumsounds (Volume 1)"(2006.09.14)(56:50)
Ouch! "Drive Me Insane"(2006.05.26)(53:24)
Ouch!, Blond Boche (Didjeridoo), Vibes Provider (Trump) "Plenitude Amnesique"(2005.10.20)(57:23)
Blond Boche "Hardstep Vibe (Volume 2)"(2004.12.29)(55:09)
Blond Boche "Hardstep Vibe"(2004.10.04)(58:32)